The American Saddlebred is a very special breed of horse.


The conformation and style of the American Saddlebred is usually considered the most impressive of

all breeds, and many people regard it as the most beautiful horse existing in the world today.




Perhaps the most unusual trait is the temperament of the American Saddlebred.

While they are extremely alert and curious, they are highly intelligent, people orientated horses.


As the name suggests, they are bred for the saddle and they are extremely comfortable to ride.


The Saddlebred is a very proud horse and you’ll feel proud to be riding or driving one.

Movie Stars

Due to their trainability they are often used as horses in movies and there are even Saddlebred movie stars

Saddlebred Movie Stars: Fury, Mr. Ed and Black Beauty.etc.

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Gaited Horses


The breed has also inherited the ability to learn two extra gaits than most other breeds,

the elegant “slow gait” and the flashy fast “rack“.


These gaits are performed in front of large cheering audiences in the USA and South Africa,

much to the obvious enjoyment of the horse itself.

They are the true “Show Horses” of the Equine world and they just love to show off.



American Saddlebreds have been successful in most sport-horse and equine disciplines.

Show-jumping, Dressage, Harness, Endurance, Eventing, Sporting and Western Events.

They can work a cow and are even used as Riding for the Disabled school horses, so good is their temperament.


On the pleasure side of things they make beautiful carriage horses for wedding transport and are even used as mounts for the bride and groom or just simply for a leisurely trail ride along a pristine beach on a hot summers day.

The Slow Gait

The Rack

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To find out more about the American Saddlebred breed please go to the

National American Saddlebred Horse Society website at the following link


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